Gaps Solitaire

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My personal favorite solitaire card game is Gaps Solitaire. In Gaps Solitaire, you are moving cards between gaps in four rows of 13 cards. Before the cards are dealt, the 4 2s are removed from the deck and placed off to the left, as the first card in each row. The remaining cards are then dealt into 4 rows of 13 cards. The Aces are removed with creates 4 gaps in the rows. The player can move a card into one of these gaps if the card is of the same suit as the card to the right, but one less than it, or if it is of the same suit as the card to the left, but one greater than it. A player can get stuck when there are multiple adjacent gaps, or a King is to the left of the gap. When a player can not make any more moves, he can pick up all the cards that have not yet been put in sequence, reshuffle them, and place them back into the rows by clicking the 'Shuffle' button on the bottom right of the game screen. The player can do this up to 3 times in a game.

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